Experimenting life.

It’s also how I learn filming, capturing my own adventures, make an edit of it, add some effects, keep the flow, having problem with software, learning the mistakes, but mostly : Having fun !


Mo:Dem Festival 2017

For this crazy epic dark festival in Croatia I shot a lot of videos and try to do my best for a cool retranscription of this experience.

Boom Festival 2016

My first Boom Festival, first psychedelic festival, a life changing week. I totally improvised this video, I came with some ideas of doing a serious psychedelic short movie, but nothing was planed and I had finally just live most of this experience without my camera. However I still had shot a lot of random things and moments and try to make a cool movie of it.

Summer adventures 2016

I started making simple videos like that, of my life, my travels, my friends, and I made almost 100 of them, ameliorating my style, learning the tools, experimenting photography, using every footages like a part of the story. This is my way to capture memories for ever.

Basejump in Grenoble

When I just arrived into the Alps working for GoPro, Antoine Méler an engineer and crazy paraglider took me with him to capture his basejump from a cliff.

Somewhere in our Memories

When I was in Bordeaux for few month in 2013 for an internship I meet some very cool people, follow them for an adventures and leads you to this deserted beach far away from home for a beautiful moment. It was so pure that I will never forget that memory.

Through My Story | DEMO 2014

All my work from 2012 to 2014 in one big cool video. Video director for academic and personal projects, video editor during my internship at Com by AVM.

All is in Your Head

In 2012 I trying to use After Effects for the first time and wanted to make a short psychedelic film inspired by a nice Beck music.

TC Hangar party 2013

This is an aftermovie of a students party during high school.

What the F**k SRC | A Short Documentary

In 2012 my school give me as project to make a presentation of our section. It was one of my first “serious” video so it’s not very clean but we have a lot of fun doing this.

Une dernière pour la route …

Just for fun, here is my first film ever for a school project, we have a lot of fun and it’s still very cool memories.

Winter 2013 | London

In 2013 I went for the first time in UK with my mother and sisters, here is my memories of this adventures.

Visiopole | compagny demo

Here a short edit from a 12min presentation of an ophthalmology office located in La Rochelle during my internship at the agency Com by AVM.

If Life was Like the Movies

A short school film about a student who simply want to go in class.