About me

• I started videos at 18 to create memories of my life and my friends, and I started to understand that everything as a beautiful side, everything as a story to tell.

• I come from a small village in France, studied Networks of Communication in Troyes, go on an internship in Bordeaux at Com' by AVM doing graphics and videos for clients.
Then I was ready to work but can’t find a company who need a full-time video maker without enough professional experiences, so I made burgers at McDonalds to survive, working on my music production and videos skills until one day a company called Kolor contact me for a job, there was just bought by GoPro.

• So I worked 3 years on 360 software and GoPro cameras, promoting them, working with the engineers giving my video editor point of view and needs, reframing videos, experimenting these new tools with great partners (Tour de France, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Natural Games …)

• I’m now in freelance to work on all kind of projects so don’t hesitate to contact me for projects at valerian.dottel@gmail.com.

• You can find my resume here.