360 / VR

Here my different experiences with 360 videos, mostly from many productions with GoPro and the Kolor Team, capturing, editing and trying some advanced VR post production tools.



Experimenting 360 videos using Fusion, Mettle Mantra VR and reframing for one of the biggest indoor Psytrance party in France by HADRA.

GoPro Fusion launch video

In Septembre 2017, GoPro was about to annonce the new Fusion 360 camera, so they invited us to come for 3 weeks to the headquarters in San Francisco, working on post-production to clean the 360 shots on the two following Fusion launch videos, making dispear the mount of the camera, the shadows, stabilizing the 360 videos and correcting defaults of stiching due to the beta version of the software and firmware of the camera.
I also worked on converting the 360 edits for the projection in the dome for the presentation, finding solutions to display non-spherical contents integreted in a spherical video.


No Reality is a new project where we will immerse you in cool events with new technology.

Here a 360 experience putting you in a car for a Drift competition.

Golden State Warriors | NBA championships

I had the chance to edit this entire video by myself, months before the GoPro Fusion was released.
The Golden State Warriors from Oakland win the NBA championships in 2017, and the GoPro Media Team was invited to capture the parade, send me all of the files and I only had 3 or 4 days to make something with it. So I worked with the developpers in the Alps office to have a fonctionnal tool to stitch the files and come to this edit: 

GoPro Fusion Announcement

I have worked on post-production to clean the footages, making disapear the mount, the shadows, stabilizing the shots manually and correct defaults of stitching due to the alpha firmware and software. It was the first public video from the GoPro Fusion camera.


In 2016 we had the occasion to work with Jean-Paul Gaultier to capture his entire Spring-Summer 2017 show in 360 with the GoPro Omni. I also made a "Behind the stitch" for Kolor's software users to explain the workflow editing this kind of 360 videos.


Having the occasion to sent a GoPro Omni rig to the team of David Mayman and his jetpack, I made a simple edit with what we had, and it finish published on the GoPro main channel. 


The GoPro Omni was just released. This video was made by GoPro, highlighting the best Omni footage that they had, including our epic shot on the Champs-Elysée, and I made this reframed version to display that on a normal screen at different events.

Tour de France 2016 | GoPro Omni

Summer 2016 we was shooting on one of the most popular event in the world, Le Tour de France !
For the first time they wanted to try 360 and they already had a partnership with GoPro, so the Media Team was looking for the only European guys they knew capable of shooting and edit 360, my colleagues Loic Bailliard, Loic Lanoir, and me.
It was our first event for GoPro, and I it was the one of the biggest ! We follow the Tour for 10 stages, 15 days of shooting with Omni, stitching, editing and sending all our best footages to the organisation each night, and had only 1 or 2h of sleep, but it was so cool, and that was a huge evolution in my career at GoPro. The original publications have achieved more around 1 million views.


Just a short teaser to announce the presence of Kolor at the IVRPA event 2016, but it was at this moment I realized the potential in reframing 360 videos and start experimenting that.


We sent a GoPro Omni to a partner, Jakob Aungiers and his friends making a very great basejump from a plane, and I made this simple edit and also a reframed version few month later to tease the new version of Kolor Autopano Video 3.